Why another ministry in Haiti?

Haiti Lifeline Ministries began serving in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti, in the early 2000’s. Their purpose was to support the orphanage director in the work she was already doing at Centre Children International. They would send down grain from their own farms and support the creche financially from their own pockets. But as the word spread, the ministry grew, and so did the children. People began to wonder and worry, asking, “What happens to these children when they leave the orphanage? Where do they go? How do they eat? Or finish school?”

For years we were unable to answer that question confidently. We knew that Nicole did her best to provide safe places for the children to go once they were too old to stay, but her time and resources are limited, like everyone’s. But Oasis was created to be an answer to that question.

At Oasis we want to take away the burden of wondering how school will be paid for, or rent, or groceries. The relief these young adults feel is evident on their faces when they know that their basic needs will be met each month and they are freed up to focus on their education and their spiritual growth – two of our primary objectives. Students are also trained in goal-setting, budgeting, and other important life skills.

It is our desire to graduate young adults who are firmly rooted in Christ, properly trained in a profession that is applicable in Haiti, equipped with real-life skills, and emotionally whole, ready to impact their family, their community, and their country for Christ.

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