Launched in January 2016, The Oasis Project is a division of Haiti Lifeline Ministries.

Our goal is to support eligible youth that have aged out of Lifeline orphanage in their efforts to complete their education and learn skills necessary for daily life in Haiti. Students must pass a rigorous application and interview process before being accepted into the program and must follow a student Conduct Covenant and gradually-increasing goals to maintain their status in the program.

It is our desire that each of these young people finish their time in the Oasis Project educated and trained with a marketable skill or degree. We also desire that each of them, during their time in the program, grow spiritually and emotionally, leaving behind unhealthy habits and behaviors that will limit them later in life. Our ultimate goal is to graduate students who are prepared and equipped to positively impact their family, their community, and their country for Christ.

To learn more about Haiti Lifeline Ministries, please visit http://www.HaitiLifeline.org.